Family Business Cleaning Up the Dry-Clean Industry

Co-founder and President of ëClean Advanced Fabricare, Tim Kyser literally grew up in the dry-clean and laundry industry. He played in a crib at the back of the Kyser’s family corner dry-cleaners and as the years went on, helped in all aspects of the business becoming a well-respected expert in the industry. Tim attended college where he graduated with honors having a degree in engineering, but the family business always called him back. 

After a long and successful career of 35 years in the dry-clean and laundry industry, Tim found himself at a crossroads. As an avid outdoorsman, having spent every summer in the Eastern Sierras of California, he always felt conflicted by working in the dry-cleaning industry and its heavy risk to the environment. Following a deep passion for planet positive change, Tim, with the invaluable support of his wife and co-founder, Adriana Kyser, decided to invest their savings, energy and expertise into developing and establishing truly eco-safe dry-clean services.

The result, ëClean Advanced Fabricare was born! A revolutionary, 100% eco-responsible and sustainable dry-clean service developed by the ëClean team that uses very unique Recycled Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO₂) cleaning methods. Their proprietary, eco-safe technology cleans fabrics and textiles with zero water, zero toxic chemicals and zero heated dry. A true game changer for the industry and the environment!