Eco-Responsible not just Eco-Friendly

Being eco-friendly is not what “going green” meant 10 years ago. The “eco-friendly” tagline is thrown around loosely and generally tied to trendy promises to save the planet. It’s a step in the right direction, but not from a place of devoted responsibility, passion and commitment.

Instead, we believe in being eco-responsible, a commitment to the environment that produces impactful methods, ideas, products and services that truly preserve our precious planet earth. In order to take genuine action to promote the circular economy and sustainability, it must come from a place of eco responsibility.

That’s why we created ëClean Advanced Fabricare, a revolutionary, 100% eco-responsible, Recycled Liquid CO₂ dry-clean service. Our innovative commitment to the environment is matched with previously impossible levels of cleaning performance for all types of items including difficult-to-clean items such as:

When it comes to cleaning apparel and textiles, we stand AGAINST:

  • All current dry cleaning methods
  • Hazardous waste produced by dry cleaning methods and practices
  • Washing clothes with harmful chemicals, solvents or additives
  • Inaccurate, vague, confusing and sometimes difficult care & cleaning instructions on items
  • Wasteful, water-based laundry methods
  • Heated dry cycles that damage fabrics and reduce the overall lifespan of items.
  • Cleaning practices that do not increase sustainability and promote a circular economy

Natural Products Stay Natural

ëClean Elevates the Customer Experience and Product Sales

Responsible Innovation