Down Comforter Cleaning

Renew The Looks & Performance Of Your Down Comforter

Don't ruin your down comforter in the washing machine, or spend your time hand-washing. Our high performance CO2 dry cleaning process will leave your down comforter feeling fresh & fluffy using no water, no toxic detergents, and no heated dry!

When we professionally clean your down comforter with our proprietary Advanced Fabricare™ Liquid CO2 down cleaning process, not only will it be hygienically sanitized, but our CO2 process has been proven to loft down feathers (instead of clumping them like wet washing)!

With use, down feathers absorb sweat and other moisture, causing the feathers to clump together and eliminating down’s high-performing natural insulating properties. The feather clumps also attract dirt and become a breeding ground for bacterial growth and odors. As a result, the cleaning and maintenance of these items has been a notoriously very difficult task that has involved large amounts of water waste and energy consumption. If you've ever asked yourself "how do I clean a down comforter?", you're not alone, but...

Our exclusive down comforter CO2 dry cleaning service conquers all these problems! 

  • 100% eco-responsible cleaning (no water or toxic detergents used)
  • Unrivaled down cleaning power - increases loft (fluff) on every item!
  • Maximizes the natural insulating properties of down feathers in your comforter.
  • Hygienically sanitized with liquid CO2 penetrating power
  • Helps remove sweat, dirt, and other contaminants
  • No more time, water, or soap spent on tedious hand-washing for mixed results

    When it comes to cleaning textiles, we stand AGAINST:

    • All current dry cleaning methods
    • Hazardous waste produced by dry cleaning methods and practices
    • Washing clothes with harmful chemicals, solvents or additives
    • Inaccurate, vague, confusing and sometimes difficult care & cleaning instructions on items
    • Wasteful, water-based laundry methods
    • Heated dry cycles that damage fabrics and reduce the overall lifespan of items.
    • Cleaning practices that do not increase sustainability and promote a circular economy

    The Most Eco-Responsible Cleaning Method in the World