Luxury Dry Cleaning For Wedding Dresses

by Timothy Kyser November 12, 2021 4 min read

Luxury Dry Cleaning For Wedding Dresses

If you're searching for a luxury dry cleaning service that can protect and care for your most treasured fashion piece, then look no further. Here at eClean, we combine the advanced cleaning ability and restorative properties of Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO₂) with a 100% No-Heat Dry Cycle that can stop fabric degradation and extend the life of your wedding dress.

We will return your wedding gown to you as a refreshed and renewed fashion piece that you can fall in love with all over again, and using our specialized liquid CO2 dry clean service means that you can hold onto your gown for far longer without seeing any signs of aging. 

Why Send Your Wedding Gown to us for Cleaning? 

Walking down the aisle is a dream-come-true moment, and it's likely something that took many months or even years to plan. You probably visited a long list of wedding gown stores, trying on a multitude of different dresses before finally finding the perfect wedding gown that you've always envisioned yourself wearing.

Looking back at pictures to see your gorgeous dress can even bring tears to your eyes, so there's a huge amount of heartfelt emotion, time and money invested into your wedding gown. Allowing it to become dirty, stained and lifeless is something that you would never think of doing, but taking your luxury gown to a traditional dry cleaners could do serious damage.

They use harsh solvents that can break down fibers and shrink fabrics like silk, potentially causing your gown to get damaged and even break during the process. If you do decide to take your expensive wedding dress to a traditional dry cleaners then there's a good chance that they could end up doing far more harm than good, as they simply will not have the necessary equipment or skills to look after your gown properly.

Instead of putting your gown at such risk, you can seek out a specialist fabricare cleaner that aims to take better care of your wedding dress to sustain its beauty for the foreseeable future. We know just how much you care about your wedding dress, as your special day is likely the most memorable event of your lifetime, and you wish to encapsulate that feeling by maintaining the quality of your wedding dress for years to come.

Choosing to bring your gown to us means that you're choosing to extend its life, as we use proprietary liquid CO2 dry cleaning technology that causes no harm to your wedding dress, even if it's made from the most delicate material like silk. Most other dry cleaning services use harmful chemicals that can cause shrinkage amongst other unsightly side effects, whereas our magical green CO2 will clean your wedding dress in a safe, gentle way. 

Your gown will be completely free of grime and take on a neutral scent rather than smelling like the harmful chemicals that would have been used in a normal dry cleaning service. No toxic chemicals in our dry cleaning process also means that your wedding gown will be more gentle to wear, as you won't experience any skin irritation linked to the harmful solvents generally used in most dry cleaners. 

To briefly explain the processes that we follow, you need to better understand how CO2 functions. Liquid CO2 is harvested as a by-product of pre-existing industrial projects, yet it's also a non-toxic, naturally occurring gas that will turn into a liquid whenever it is exposed to high pressure.

This liquid is an expert when it comes to tackling stains on all kinds of clothing, particularly stains which are oil based, removing any sight of dirt while ridding your wedding gown of odors. Our cleaning process is extremely gentle as a result, which minimizes the risk of damage to your luxurious gown when compared with a rough cycle in a solvent-filled cleaning machine.

Be Kinder to the Environment

Not only is our dry cleaning method able to produce the most exceptional results, it's also a notably eco-friendly service that will not contribute toward your personal carbon footprint. Our liquid CO2 is continually recycled and reused in a closed loop system to reduce waste, meaning it is in fact the most eco-conscious cleaning method in the world today.

Our cleaning processes eliminate the need for copious amounts of water and toxic chemicals, and it's been proven to noticeably extend the lifespan of luxury clothing items such as wedding dresses. Our ëClean Advanced Fabricare service sanitizes deep into the fibers of your item in order to remove all remnants of dirt and staining. 

We're not like other dry cleaners, as we don't create hazardous waste, use harmful chemicals, solvents or additives, or provide customers with misleading, vague or confusing care and cleaning methods. We stand against toxic traditional drycleaning as well as wasteful water-based laundry methods, and say no to heated dry cycles that can cause damage to your most loved luxury fabrics. We promote sustainability and believe in a circular economy!

If you would like to clean your luxury wedding gown without fear of damage, shrinking or harsh chemicals, then our ëClean Advanced Fabricare service is the most suitable pathway to explore. We are committed to exceeding your expectations, and maintain the utmost confidence that you'll be overjoyed upon receiving your renewed fashion items.

No matter what material your wedding gown is made from, we have the skills (and patience!) to breathe new life into your dress. You won't believe the results liquid CO2 dry cleaning can achieve, and you'll no doubt wish you had known of the existence of such a process sooner. 

Innovation and progression is always a focus at ëClean, and that's why we promote cutting edge, eco-conscious dry cleaning methods that can take care of even the most delicate materials.

If you or someone you love is seeking a top quality wedding gown cleaning service that doesn't harm their dress or the planet, then we are ready and waiting to accept your items to show you just how effective our liquid CO2 dry-cleaning process can really be. 

If you would like to inquire about our services or have any questions, please contact us here! Or, if you would like to know more about the wide variety of items we clean, you can check out our services page here!

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