Discover Liquid CO2 Dry Cleaning: Inside the Revolution

by Timothy Kyser November 15, 2021 4 min read

Discover Liquid CO2 Dry Cleaning: Inside the Revolution

Are you in need of high end dry cleaning services? ëClean is the best option for all your dry cleaning needs. We offer affordable, luxury, mail-in dry cleaning services to suit even clothing with the highest needs. So whether you're in need of dry cleaning services for one garment or an entire wardrobe, ëClean's high end dry cleaning services can accommodate any request. Visit our website today to learn more about how ëClean Advanced Fabricare can help make life easier for you.

ëClean Advanced Fabricare

ëClean believes in responsible innovation; Tim Kyser, a 35-year dry cleaning industry veteran, has created a revolutionary dry cleaning process alongside Reuben Rosenblatt (another 30-year dry cleaning pro!). We believe in creating sustainable, green, high end dry cleaning services that are 100% eco-responsible, and we have built ëClean around this philosophy.

ëClean Cleaning Processes

Our cleaning processes will leave your clothes looking great without harming the environment. We use chemical-free, environmentally friendly, and sustainable solutions for all fabric types. The ëClean process, called Advanced Fabricare, is the service of choice for many celebrities and public figures worldwide. This unique process is created with a recycled liquid CO₂ method with zero toxic chemicals, zero heat, and can extend the life of your garments, bedding and outdoor gear.

The Technology ëClean Uses

eClean uses a waterless, chemical-free cleaning process that is environmentally friendly and safe for all fabrics. Our technology dissolves stains in the material with no need to use chemicals like perchloroethylene, which has been linked to numerous health concerns; instead, we use a chemical-free, heat-free, recycled liquid CO₂ system. 

The Types of High-End Textile Items ëClean Can Service

Our company specializes in the care of high-end and delicate garments, bedding and outdoor gear. We have been serving clients for over 25 years, providing cleaning services to those who wish to keep these expensive and treasured items at peak performance and looking as good as new. 

Our team of experts with decades of dry cleaning experiences, combined with our innovative cleaning process, allows us to provide care and service to various challenging-to-clean fabrics, including wool, down, silk, and leather, as well as clothing that is typically difficult to clean due to its delicate nature. So, be it costumes, wedding dresses, outdoor gear, comforters, skiware, or any type of formal wear, ëClean can professionally service all types of high-end textile items.


Our Liquid CO₂ cleaning method allows for the effective and safe cleaning of delicate, easily damaged fabrics and high maintenance, complex clothing like costumes or formal wear to be safely and efficiently cleaned. This is because our system uses neither heat nor steam, both of which can lead to shrinkage, fading, or damage during processing. 

Luxury Dry Cleaning 

ëClean offers sophisticated dry cleaning for high-end dresses and luxury garments. Our state-of-the-art facility is maintained and run by industry professionals who will keep your clothes at their highest performance and looking their best over time.

Our process allows for the effective and safe cleaning of the most luxurious fabrics, including silk, cashmere, satin, and linen. The Advanced Fabricare process also makes your high-end clothing last up to 4 times longer than other dry cleaning services.

Silk Dry Cleaning 

Silk garments can be a challenge to clean and maintain for even the most skilled professional cleaning services. Our method is perfect for men's and women's clothing made from 100% natural fibers such as silk or satin.

Wool and Down Dry Cleaning 

ëClean provides a dry-cleaning service for items made of 100% natural fibers. Down filled items and high-end wools such as cashmere, merino wool, and alpaca clean remarkably well in our Advanced Fabricare process. If you have any queries regarding our services or discuss your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. One benefit we offer, especially when it comes to the down filled items we clean, is an increase in valuable loft performance.

Green Dry Cleaning 

Green dry cleaning is a great environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional chemical solvents that are used in most dry cleaning processes. Many of these chemicals are toxic and can be harmful to the environment. Our process uses recycled CO₂ instead of harsh chemical cleaners that contain perchloroethylene - which has been linked to cancer in over 20 studies by several different organizations.

ëClean professionally cleans your clothes, bedding and outdoor gear in a truly sustainable process which we highlight as "planet saving technology".. Many different environmentally-friendly organizations have extensively tested our process, giving you peace of mind. Our process works well without compromising quality. We make sure we're offering only the best service for you and the high-end apparel, bedding and outdoor gear entrusted to us for care and cleaning.

Liquid CO2 Luxury Dry Cleaning

Liquid CO₂ Luxury Dry Cleaning is a carbon dioxide-based dry-cleaning service that uses a non-solvent process to clean luxury apparel and textile based items. It's safe for all fabrics and gentle on the environment. The coolest part about this process is that it leaves absolutely no residue, so you can wear items again right away without them being extra wrinkly or stiff from chemicals.

ëClean's method of cleaning works excellent for all fabrics including delicates, silks, and wools. In addition, this liquid CO2 dry cleaning process uses 100% recycled CO₂ in a closed-loop system, making it the most Eco-Responsible dry-cleaning process in the world.

An Explanation of eClean Eco-Responsibility

ëClean stands behind our method and we believe in taking a stand against the current dry cleaning industry and the negative environmental impact it has. We take responsibility for the environment and human health; we do this through healthy production, recycling materials and energy, and using environmentally friendly products with little to no carbon footprint. Many customers trust ëClean to handle their clothes with care and ensure that the garments get returned on time and in fantastic condition. 

How eClean Operates

eClean is operated out of Denton, Texas, but services clientele nationwide. We use a carbon offset shipping affiliate program with Shop Pay (FedEx, UPS, & USPS). Once your clothing is shipped and received, it is disinfected, inspected, tagged, and sorted. It is then loaded into their signature dry cleaning system, and the Liquid CO₂ is applied to clean the clothes. Afterward, it is filtered, no-heat dried, gently pressed/finished if needed, and inspected again. Finally, it is carefully packaged and sent back to you - clean and good as new!

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