As lovers of the bar & service industry AND sculpture & art, we were looking to combine our passions to start a business of our own. 

While still working at the bars, we put together our business plan and finally took the leap to go out on our own and create something new. 

The ëCloset program is designed to help your rental business scale, even from zero sales! We charge a percentage of your rental sales to cover the costs of storage, fulfillment, cleaning and managing the details. Since the service scales with your sales, we remove both financial and fulfillment-related challenges and headaches, allowing you to focus on brand building.

We develop a custom pricing model for each client. The fee is based on many variables, but mostly includes receiving, PPS (pick, pack, ship), inspection, data inputs, cleaning & repair and inventory management. For example, some brands require special packing and presentation requirements that would be reflected in their fee. Our goal is to give our brand partners a net profit of 25% and be profitable from day one. We achieve this by carefully analyzing product mix and fulfillment requirements.

We charge a one-time $25,000 fee, which includes integrating your brand into our production cycle, use and customization of the rental software, and all set-up expenses.

The best advice would be to add “marketing sauce” that emphasizes your commitment to being eco-responsible by furthering your commitment to your customers and to the planet!

Here are the projected startup costs of an in-house set up versus using the ëCloset service: