The Future of Fashion: Why Sustainable Clothing is the New Black

by Stevie Smith May 05, 2023 5 min read

The Future of Fashion: Why Sustainable Clothing is the New Black

What is Sustainable Fashion?

What Is Sustainable Fashion Infographic

Sustainable fashion is a term that describes the conscious creation of clothing and accessories. It's about creating products that are environmentally friendly, ethical and fair for everyone involved in their production.

The definition of sustainable fashion has evolved over time: it used to be just about using organic materials or recycled materials. From shoe makers to fabricare cleaners, manufacturing processes now include using less water and energy. 

Additionally, leftover materials are reused or recycled to minimize waste after production. Sustainable practices in the fashion industry involve more than just protecting the environment. They also involve ethical practices for the people within the industry.

Sustainable practices in the fashion industry include ethical practices. These practices not only benefit the environment, but also the people in the industry.

For example, the sustainable fashion industry also supports fair wages and working conditions for farmers, manufacturers, and employees through every step of the supply chain. Now, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that sustainable fashion offers.

The Benefits of Sustainable Fashion

3 Benefits Of Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion has a number of benefits, including environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Environmental Benefits

  • Sustainable clothing is made from renewable and recyclable materials. This allows them to be reused multiple times without compromising quality or performance.
  • It also uses less energy (and oftentimes, less water) to produce than conventional clothing, making it better for the environment.

Social Benefits

  • Because sustainable fashion is made by local artisans who earn fair wages for their labor, it helps support communities around the world while providing opportunities for people who might otherwise struggle financially or socially in their area.

    Economic Benefits

    • Sustainable clothing often costs no more than traditional items because there's no need for mass production facilities or large advertising budgets--which means you'll save money when shopping!
    Now that you know more about how sustainable fashion can benefit both you and the world, let's dive into sustainable shopping practices.

      How to Shop Sustainable Fashion

      Clothing Rack And Fabrics

      Research Sustainable Brands

      • Find brands that use ethically sourced materials, fair trade, and practice recycling. 
      • Being organic does not mean that the company uses sustainable practices in the manufacturing process.

        Understand Sustainable Materials

        • There is a large variety of sustainable materials on the market from recycled fibers like repurposed plastic bottles to renewable, biodegradable fibers like bamboo, hemp, and linen.

          Look For Certifications

          • Find brands that hold certifications for sustainable practices such as fair trade, Certified B Corporation, FSC, and more.
          • Learn more here.
          Sustainable brands are always trying to educate customers about how to get involved, but that's not the only challenges they face.

            The Challenges of Sustainable Fashion

            Hiker climbing steep trail

            In order to create a sustainable fashion industry, we must first understand the challenges that lie ahead. 

            The first obstacle is cost: producing high-quality clothing and accessories is expensive. This means that many designers have difficulty keeping up with demand for their products, which can lead consumers to believe that eco-friendly fashion isn't accessible or affordable enough for them.

            Another challenge comes from lack of awareness among consumers about what constitutes "sustainable" clothing. Some people assume that if something's labeled "organic," it must be good for the environment--but this isn't always true! 

            For example, some organic cotton fabrics are produced using pesticides (which aren't necessarily bad for humans but do harm insects). And while some companies use recycled materials in their products' fabrics or packaging components (like plastic bottles), others don't disclose this fact on their websites or labels--so how are you supposed to know what kind of environmental impact your purchase will have?

            Finally there's limited availability: many brands simply aren't available in stores near where most people live! If they're sold online only then shipping costs add up quickly too.

            Don't worry, the industry is not scared of facing these challenges head on. In fact, sustainable fashion is ready for a bright future.

            The Future of Sustainable Fashion

            Assorted Textiles on Hangers and Rolls

            As the demand for sustainable fashion increases, there are a few things you can expect to see more of sustainable materials and improved production processes.

            More Sustainable Materials

            • In addition to natural fibers like organic cotton and natural wool, new fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles or seaweed are being developed. These materials will be used by brands as they look for ways to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing style or quality.

              Improved Production Processes

              • As companies continue to innovate in this area, it's likely that we'll see more factories using renewable energy sources and fewer toxic chemicals in their manufacturing processes--which means better working conditions for employees as well!

                Sustainable Fashion in the Workplace

                Office Workers Sitting Around A Desk

                Sustainable fashion can be a powerful way to show your commitment to the environment and your employees. By creating a sustainable dress code, sourcing sustainable materials, and engaging employees in the process of creating new styles, you can help make your workplace more environmentally friendly.

                The first step is to create a sustainable dress code that encourages people to wear clothes they already own or buy second hand items instead of buying new ones. This means setting standards for what's acceptable at work and encouraging people who want new clothes to look for items made from recycled materials or organic cotton instead of synthetics like polyester.

                In addition, if you work in a company that requires uniforms or branded clothing, you can clean for your employees using sustainable apparel care cleaners like eClean Advanced Fabricare. Our patented liquid CO2 dry cleaning process is available at wholesale prices and uses no water, no toxic chemicals, and no heated dry. 

                If you have an employee who needs something new but doesn't want clothing made out of synthetic fibers (which aren't biodegradable), consider directing them to custom-made clothing from Etsy sellers who specialize in sustainable fabrics such as bamboo silk blends or hemp linen blends!

                By following all of these practices, together, we can reduce the impact fast fashion has had on the environment.

                The Impact of Sustainable Fashion

                Industrial Park

                Sustainable fashion is a movement that aims to reduce the environmental impact of clothing, improve human rights and promote ethical practices in the manufacturing process.

                It can be difficult to understand how sustainable fashion can help the environment, but there are many ways that it does so:

                • Reducing waste by using less material in each garment or reusing materials from previous garments.
                • Using natural dyes instead of chemical-based ones that pollute rivers when they're dumped into them during production.
                • Reducing the use of non-renewable resources (like oil) in the manufacturing process.
                • Conserving water and energy during the manufacturing process (up to5 trillion gallons of water are used annually to clean apparel).
                • Reducing greenhouse emissions in both manufacturing and shipping processes.
                • Making sure workers have safe working conditions so they don't develop illnesses from exposure to toxic chemicals while making your clothes!

                Sustainable Fashion for Special Occasions

                Bride And Groom Walking In a Field

                If you're shopping for a special occasion, like a wedding or prom, there are several ways to make sure that your outfit is sustainable.

                First, look for sustainable fabrics and accessories. There are many options available these days--from hemp-based shoes to silk ties made from recycled bottles. You can also rent eco-friendly garments if you're not sure about how long they'll last in your closet. 

                Finally, when you are done with the event, you can get a dress or suit cleaning done by eClean Advanced Fabricare to get the best results with the least amount of waste. 

                How to Support Sustainable Fashion

                Customer In Natural Shop

                • Buy from certified sustainable brands.
                • Donate to sustainable charities.
                • Spread awareness of the issue through social media and word-of-mouth, so that others can learn about it as well!

                Sustainable Fashion is an Important Topic That Needs to be Discussed More Often.

                It's not just about looking good, it's about the future of our planet and the people who live on it. Get involved with the sustainable fashion movement today by switching from traditional dry cleaning, to eClean’s eco-responsible, green CO2 dry cleaning services, and look forward to a more sustainable tomorrow.

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