DIY vs. Professional: Examining the True Cost of Suit Dry Cleaning

by Stevie Smith August 07, 2023 6 min read

DIY vs. Professional: Examining the True Cost of Suit Dry Cleaning

Properly maintaining the appearance and condition of our suits is key to projecting a professional image. One aspect of suit care is dry cleaning, but how do we decide between DIY methods or professional services? This article will explore the true cost of suit dry cleaning. We examine suit dry cleaning costs, how often to clean, DIY methods, and professional services.

Suit Dry Cleaning Cost

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When it comes to dry cleaning suits, one of the initial considerations is cost. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to the initial cost of suit cleaning. Professional dry cleaning services have a fixed price per service, but they may offer additional services for an extra fee. These may include anything from repair services to delivery fees. 

Alternatively, if you choose to take on the responsibility of trying to clean your suit by yourself, consider the cost of both the materials and potential damage. For example, repeated cleaning could cause stretching, color loss, or weaken the fabric. In serious cases, improper cleaning can lead to full suit replacement which can be much more costly in the long run. 

How Often Should Suits Be Dry Cleaned

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When considering dry cleaning suits, how often should you really be taking it in? The frequency of cleaning a suit will depend on the amount of use. Suits don’t need to be cleaned after every use, unless there are stains or other debris that require immediate attention. Business professionals that wear suits daily can expect to clean their suits every  1 to 2 weeks

On the other hand, if you only attend occasional events you may be looking at cleaning every 3 to 6 months. At the end of the day, when it comes to the frequency of cleaning, the choice is yours. We recommend cleaning every 4 or 5 wears or if damage or staining occurs. 

DIY Methods

To truly understand the cost associated with dry cleaning a suit, it is essential to consider aspects beyond the monetary investment. DIY methods may appear cost-effective initially, but buying cleaning products, stain removers, and tools can add up. For example, proper care requires delicate cleaning tools, proper hangers, and even suit brushes.

Moreover, the potential risks of mistakes, damage, and subsequent suit repairs or replacements should be considered. The average cost of purchasing a new suit can range anywhere from  $500 to $2,500. As you can see, it can be much more expensive to fix accidental damage than to use professional cleaning services.

Professional Dry Cleaning Services

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Professional dry cleaning services have clear prices based on factors like location, fabric, suit size, and extra services. While the initial cost may be higher, the value lies in the expertise, convenience, and quality provided. 

On average, professional dry cleaning suit costs can range anywhere from  $10 to  $50 or more for a two-piece suit. Suit dry cleaning prices vary depending on a wide range of factors including the quality of service provided. Companies with higher prices may offer extra services like free shipping or pressing without any additional charges. 

Another factor to consider with the cost of dry cleaning a suit is the improved lifespan of your suit. It is common for properly cared suits to last  over 10 years with well-made suits lasting a lifetime. However, suits that are cleaned at home can require replacement in as little as a  year or two!

Transportation Costs

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Transportation costs are an important factor to consider when opting for dry cleaning services. These costs may include travel expenses for suit drop-off and pick-up or shipping fees for mail-in services. 

Additionally, some dry cleaning establishments may charge delivery fees for convenient door-to-door service. Considering transportation costs is important when comparing professional dry cleaning to DIY methods.

On average, it can cost anywhere from  $5 to $15 to transport your items for each cleaning. However, at eClean, you never need to pay for transportation! We offer totally free round-trip shipping within the United States.

Time Costs

On the other hand, you will need to consider the amount of time spent or saved by using each cleaning option. Professional dry cleaning services offer convenience and save you the time it would take to clean the suit yourself. While drop off and pick up times may require some time, professional service typically saves time in the long run. Especially if the cleaner offers transportation services.

DIY suit cleaning, however, will almost certainly require additional time for research, purchasing cleaning products, and carrying out the cleaning process. Deciding between dry cleaning and DIY methods depends on personal convenience and availability of time. In the end, the time cost may outweigh the monetary cost.

Damage Costs

The potential cost of damaging a suit during the dry cleaning process is an important consideration. Doing it yourself can lead to mistakes and mishandling, causing irreversible damage to fabrics, color fading, or shrinkage. 

On the other hand, professional dry cleaning services have trained professionals who know how to clean different fabrics properly. Although professional services may be more expensive initially, they can save money in the long run by preventing suit damage.

A $2,000 suit can last for 10 years. Monthly cleaning for the suit costs $50 each time. In total, you would spend $6,000 on cleaning. However, there would be no damage to the suit. So, the total cost for the suit and cleaning would be $8,000.

If you clean the suit yourself, however, it could cost you up to $10,000 in 10 years. This cost includes spending $100 each year on cleaning supplies and $100 each year on travel to buy supplies. Additionally, you would need to replace the suit every two years on average. That’s 5 $2,000 suits in 10 years! 

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of dry cleaning is a growing concern. Traditional dry cleaning methods often use harmful chemicals that can hurt people and the environment. These chemicals can contribute to air and water pollution. In addition, the laundry industry uses over 5 trillion gallons of water annually!

However, with advancements in technology, CO2 dry cleaning methods like eClean offer a more environmentally-friendly alternative. CO2 dry cleaning uses liquid carbon dioxide instead of harmful chemicals, reducing environmental impact and achieving great cleaning results. Considering the environmental impact is crucial for individuals seeking sustainable suit cleaning solutions.

The Benefits of CO2 Dry Cleaning With eClean

CO2 dry cleaning is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional methods that use harmful chemicals. This process uses liquid carbon dioxide, which is gentle on fabrics, removes stains well, and has a low environmental impact. 

Benefits of eClean’s recycled CO2 dry cleaning services include the following: 

  • No water: our proprietary cleaning technology uses zero water which saves an average of 80 gallons of water per cleaning! Plus, it reduces wear on the fabric. 
  • No harmful chemicals: unlike Perc, the solvent used in regular dry cleaning, liquid CO2 is safe for workers and customers.
  • No heated dry: our process does not use heat of any kind which contributes to the improved quality of the fabric.
  • No shrinkage: without water or heat, there's no risk of clothes shrinking when we clean them. 
  • No color loss: our process prevents dyes bleeding or colors fading, keeping your suits vibrant and in their original condition. 
  • Restored fabrics: we have actually seen our technology restore items to like-new conditions while strengthening the fibers. 
  • Convenience: we accept offers from all around the United States with our free shipping program! We provide our customers with a free shipping label so they can send us their items at their convenience. In addition, when the cleaning is done, we ship the items back straight to your door for FREE! 
  • Eco-responsible: at eClean, we do everything we can to ensure that our operations have the smallest environmental impact as possible. This philosophy extends beyond our technology into our every day efforts and even our shipping practices. With eClean, you know that you are making the most eco-responsible choice. 

 eClean is a reliable and  affordable suit cleaning solution that developed a revolutionary new liquid CO2 dry cleaning technology. By choosing eClean, individuals not only maintain the condition of their suits but also contribute to sustainability efforts.

Making the Decision

Consider cost, convenience, and environmental impact when choosing between DIY and professional suit dry cleaning. While DIY methods may initially seem more cost-effective, they carry higher risks and hidden expenses. 

Professional dry cleaning, while having a higher upfront cost, offers expertise, convenience, and a higher standard of cleanliness. If you care about the environment, eClean offers CO2 dry cleaning that is eco-friendly, high-quality, and affordable.


Examining the true cost of suit dry cleaning involves considering both monetary and non-monetary aspects. DIY suit cleaning may seem tempting, but the potential risks and hidden costs should not be overlooked. Dry cleaning services are professional and convenient. eClean is an eco-friendly and affordable CO2 dry cleaning option. By looking at the pros and cons of each option, you can make a more informed choice about the true cost of suit dry cleaning.

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