Wool & Cashmere Garments

Jackets, Sport Coats, Sweaters (wearables)

Natural wool has very coarse and tangled fibers that traps in dirt and grime, making it notoriously difficult to clean as well. Cashmere is also famous for being difficult to clean and maintain.  We solve the wool & cashmere cleaning problem by providing an innovative, high performance, eco-responsible cleaning service, specifically matched to these natural fiber items. For example, with ëClean’s process, natural wool and cashmere items are hygienically sanitized, hold their colors and do not shrink. As a bonus, wool and cashmere has a supple, soft finish and 100% odor removal. 

Each item is professionally cleaned with our proprietary Advanced Fabricare™ Liquid CO2 wool and cashmere cleaning process. Hygienically sanitized with unequaled cleaning performance, our cleaned wool and cashmere items have a supple, soft finish with 100% odor removal.  Additionally, our exclusive No-Heat Dry extends the life of wool items up to 4X longer than traditional cleaning.

Our new Wool & Cashmere cleaning process is revolutionary! 

  • We use NO water, NO toxic solvents and NO heated dry 
  • Delivers once impossible levels of wool/cashmere care and cleaning.
  • 100% eco-responsible cleaning 
  • Extended item lifespan – up to 4X longer!

Hygienically sanitized with liquid CO2 penetrating power.

When it comes to cleaning apparel and textiles, we stand AGAINST:

  • All current dry cleaning methods
  • Hazardous waste produced by dry cleaning methods and practices
  • Washing clothes with harmful chemicals, solvents or additives
  • Inaccurate, vague, confusing and sometimes difficult care & cleaning instructions on items
  • Wasteful, water-based laundry methods
  • Heated dry cycles that damage fabrics and reduce the overall lifespan of items.
  • Cleaning practices that do not increase sustainability and promote a circular economy

The Most Eco-Responsible Cleaning Method in the World